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216                           OTHfiB POEMS BY HASI YAXS*S DISCIPLES.
elements and explain the not Yerr recondite compound siiduruliaj "which wffl be
foimd In the second stanza of the B&dh&-sndha.
To indicate the fervour of Ms passionate love for Ms divine mistress,
Ban Vans assumed the title of Hit Ji and is popularly better known by
iMs name than by the one wMcli lie received from Ms parents.    His most
famous disciple was Yyas Ji of Orchha, of whom various legends are report-
ed.    On Ms first -visit to tlie Swami lie found him busy cooking, but at
once propounded some knotty theological problem.    The sage without any
hesitation solved the difficalty5 bun first threw away the whole of the food
Be had prepared, with the remark that no man could attend properly to two-
things at once.    Yyas was so struck by this procedure that lie then  and
there enroled himself as Ms disciple* and in a short space of lime conceived
such an affection for BrindlL-baii that he was most reluctant to leave it even
to return to Ms wife and children.   At last, howeTer, he forced himself to
gOybnthad not be€n with item long before he determined that they should
• ihemselres disown HIE, and accordingly he one day in their presence took
and ate some food from & scavenger's hand.   After this act of social excoxn-
mmiicatio]x he was allowed to return to Brinda-ban. where  ne spent the
remainder of Ms life ami "where his Bamddht or tomb^ is still to be seen.
Another discip!e? Bhmva Bas3 was a a voluminous writer and composed
as many as 42 p0em% of which -the following is a list: 1, Jiv-dasa; 2, Baid-
gy&a; By Man-siksha; 4, Brindfiban-sai; Sj Btakt-BainaTali; 6? Brihadhaman
Furin; 7, Kliyal Solas ; 8, SiddMnt BicMr; 9, Priti-^toTani; 10, Anand-
ashtak; 11, Bhajanashtak; 12, Bhajan-kimdaliya; 1% Bhajan-sati 14, SriDgar-
sat; 15, Man-smgar; 16, ffit-«ringar; 17, Sabha-mandal; 18, Eas-mukta-
Yafi;i&3 Bas-MravaE; 20S Bas-ratn4vali; 21, Premavali; 22, Sri Priya JI kŁ
nimivali; 23, Bahasya-maEJari 3 24? Sukh-manjari; 25^ Bati-manjari; 26?
XQanjaxi; 2?? Ban-bihar; 23S Bas-biMr; 29? Bang-hrdas; 30? Bang-
; 31, Sang-biaod; 32? Aaand-dasa; 3B, Kahasya-lata: 34, Aaand-kta; S5,»
Aanrig-lata; 383 Prem-lata; 37, Eas-anand; 383 Jagal-dhy&n; 39, Niriya-
40^ ma-Iila; 41, Man-Iik; 42, Brajj-lUa.
Other poems by different memliers of the same sect are the Sevak-baai,
the BoUabb-rasik ki        and the Gnrn-pratap, by Bamodar Das; the Hail-
by IMmodar Swami; the Sri Slip Lai Ji ka ashtaka, by Hit
; aai lie Hari-aim-ljelj the Sri Ml Ji badkal and the Sri Larili Jii Id
Iradlmi by Brindfe-bux Bis.